Red River Zoo Hoping Two Pallas Cats Find Love…with Each Other

The Red River Zoo is hoping love is in the air to help this species of cat to survive

FARGO, N.D. — Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the Red River Zoo has two animals waiting to just fall in love.

Sural, a male Pallas cat from Japan was brought to the zoo last fall and a new female Pallas cat has just been introduced for mating.

The felines are currently threatened in the wild.

Their numbers are dwindling and are on the road to becoming extinct.

Zoo staff is hoping to see kittens in the near future.

“So the thought is that we as a zoo can act as a lifeboat,” said Sally Jacobson, who is the Executive Director of the Red River Zoo. “If they did go extinct in the future, we would have enough genetic diversity within the captive population to repopulate.”

The Red River Zoo uses species survival plans and works with animal professionals to determine which animals can breed.

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