Red River Zoo

Red River Zoo Removes Birds From Display Over Avian Flu Concerns

Birds likely to stay off public display throughout the season

  FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Because of the avian flu outbreak hitting our region, you won’t be able to see any of your favorite feathered friends down at the Red River Zoo. Executive Director Sally Jacobson says the zoo has been monitoring the spread of the virus since December. With the virus in our region, the zoo moved a its…

Avian flu confirmed in Cass County

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – The North Dakota Department of Health has confirmed a case of avian influenza in a backyard mixed flock of birds in Cass County. The Red River Zoo moved all their birds off exhibit to protect the health and wellbeing of all animals and guests. Bird flu has also been confirmed in two areas of LaMoure and…

LIVE: Boos & Bison At The Red River Zoo

"Boo at the Zoo" events happening while the Red River Zoo is welcoming three new bison

  The Red River Zoo is celebrating the season while welcoming their newest residents this week. The Zoo is hosting its final two “Boo at the Zoo” events the next two Saturdays, October 23rd and 30th. Kids can wear costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the zoo. Zoo animals will also get Halloween-themed enrichment items. Also this week, the zoo welcomed three…

Red River Zoo’s new exhibit to feature North American wildlife

"You're going to be able to see bison, pronghorn antelope, sand hill cranes as well as a new prairie dog exhibit."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — If you’re looking to encounter North Dakota wildlife you may not have to go very far. The Red River Zoo’s four acre expansion project “Scheels Pride of the Prairie” is under construction. The exhibit will feature an ecosystem of plants and animals that are native to North America. “This exhibit is going to be absolutely fantastic….

Red River Zoo welcomes baby camel

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Red River Zoo is welcoming a new baby camel to the grounds. The newborn Bactrian Camel is a girl and was born on June 7th. While the zoo has not yet named the calf, they are asking visitors to vote for their favorite of three names. Those are; “Sarnai” which means rose, “Khulan” meaning Wild horse…

Red River Zoo adds alpacas

The Zoo's partnership with Ten Seven Acres will allow people to receive an enhanced animal learning experience.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Red River Zoo is adding a new exhibit to this year’s Children’s Zoo Farm. In partnership with Ten Seven Acres, the zoo is welcoming three new alpacas that will remain on exhibit through the fall. Children and families will get an enhanced learning experience by getting up close and personal with the South American mammals….

LIVE: Country Stars Team Up For Concert To Help Zoos, Including Red River Zoo

All Together for Animals benefit concert streams Wednesday night

  Some of country music’s biggest artists are helping raise money for zoos across the world hit hard during the pandemic, including the Red River Zoo here in Fargo. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums is streaming the All Together for Animals benefit concert Wednesday night starting at 7:00 featuring artists like Brad Paisley, Wynonna Judd and more. If you…

Social Distancing: Checking Out Local Wildlife

Winter Wildlife Excursion Explores Variety Of Wildlife Close To Home

  You have the chance to explore the rich tapestry of wildlife right in the middle of town. The Red River Zoo and Nature of the North are teaming up today for a winter wildlife excursion by the Hjemkomst Center. A zoologist will guide nature fans looking for wildlife, their tracks, and other signs of the rich ecosystem here in…

Red River Zoo welcomes new red panda

Zoo's Red Panda Breeding Program Is Known Around The World

  FARGO (KVRR) – It’s perhaps the animal the Red River Zoo is best-known for. And they’re enjoying a brand new addition to their herd.. A new Red Panda arrived at the zoo last week. His name is Bo. He’s the sixth Red Panda now at the Red River Zoo. He’s settling in right now, not on exhibit. The plan…