F-M News Changes Locations, Addresses Neighboring Business’ Concerns

The owner of FM News says it's just a newsstand...that also happens to sell adult themed items but area businesses are worried about its message

FARGO, N.D. — A longtime Fargo store that recently moved is causing a stir at its new location.

KVRR talked with the owner and cleared up the confusion.

If you’re out shopping with your children, it may catch you off guard to see a store that sells adult books and movies.

“It’s a newsstand first of all,” explained Kim Patterson, who owns F-M News. “So magazines and newspapers.”

F-M News was located on South University for nearly fifty years.

“It’s a man cave,” Patterson admitted. “This is where guys want to come and hang out.”

This week, the store opened in a strip mall on 45th Street South.

The bookstore that has an area just for adults is now neighboring stores that women primarily shop at.

They didn’t want to talk on camera, but area businesses told me that they are concerned that the adult offerings at F-M News could attract a rougher crowd that may drive customers away.

“There wasn’t a problem where it was at before and there were female stores next to it before,” said Patterson. “There were apartment buildings.”

Patterson believes there is a stigma associated with stores that sell adult items when really, it’s everyday people who are shopping there.

“We haven’t heard from the neighbors,” said Patterson. “We haven’t heard any complaints until you had called.  I guess it’s not really a complaint, it’s a concern.”

The owner says there is no nudity in the front half of the store.

Anything like that is behind the doors, which you must be 18 years or older to go through.

“There’s no reason why anything here would be offensive,” Patterson said when describing the part of the store that is visible from the window.

One of the speculations of the store is that customers can view whatever they purchase within the store.

“No, we have never done that and we’re not going to,” she added. “There is not any pornographic material visible from the outside. You have to go through a separate area. And it’s not playing. It’s a DVD that you would have to take home.”

You can find the hours for F-M News here.

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