Homecoming: An F-M Family Reunites After 12 Years

A family who came here as refugees reunites after years of being away

FARGO, N.D. — A Moorhead family reunites after a federal judge put a halt to a temporary travel ban on refugees from Muslim majority countries.

A mother and daughter from Iraq, who were detained in Turkey, have arrived in Fargo.

We  caught up with family members as they waited at the airport.

It’s a reunion they’ve been waiting on for up to 12 years.

Anaam Al-ani and her daughter were originally set to arrive and make their new home in Fargo more than a week ago.

After being detained in Turkey, they weren’t sure how much President Trump’s executive order would affect them.

“I hoped and prayed so much that I would be able to get here,” Al-ani said. “I was scared even when I was flying because of my detainment. But now I’m so happy.”

It’s been the subject of protests across the country and here in Fargo for weeks.

But Al-ani’s says she’s thankful for all the people who helped her get here.

“I’m just happy to be in safe place,” said Al-ani. “My home country was not safe for me or my family. But now I’m looking forward to making things happen, to be with my family and be safe here.”

In a past interview, Al-ani’s brother-in-law, Luqman Mohammed, told us life for a single mother in Iraq is not easy.

“She’s only a single mom,” Mohammed said. “There is no one to help her over there. In the middle east, it is especially hard to be a single mom.”

Al-ani can focus on catching up with the family, getting settled in and raising her daughter.

“I can’t explain my feelings,” said Shahlaa Mohammed, Al-ani’s sister. “I’m just so happy to be with my family and my sister again.”

“I’m super happy,” said Al-ani. “I can’t explain how I’m feeling because I’m just so happy to be with my sister and brother. I appreciate it all so much.”

She plans on raising her daughter here in the F-M area.

Al-ani and her daughter move into their new home this week with help from Lutheran Social Services.

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