Renovations Underway at Historic Bonanzaville Church

After being moved to Bonanzaville in 2015 the church on its way to being open to the public

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The South Pleasant Church at Bonanzaville is getting a face lift.

Renovations at the Church are currently underway to get it in shape for this summer.

This church has a long history.

“890s, it was built. It’s 127–years–old,” said Executive Director of CCHS-Bonanzaville, Brenda Warren.

It’s a rare piece of North Dakota history that was saved after the old Saint John’s Church burned down.

“It’s one of those old prairie churches. So many of them are torn down because they’re abandoned,” said Warren.

The church was moved from Christine, North Dakota back in 2015 and it hasn’t been used for anything since.

There are some renovations that need to be made, like adding a Plexiglas barrier to the balcony, but the ultimate goal is to keep everything as original as possible.

The church will also be fitted with heating and air–conditioning, plumbing and electricity.

Working in an old building like this can be challenging.

“When you open up the ceilings and you find cut joists, things that are rotten, things that you didn’t foresee,” said Nick Bruns Naseth with Construction, “Working in here is just a unique opportunity because you never know what you’re going to come across.”

A cleanup crew reported coming across a supernatural being last year in the church.

They claimed to have seen the ghost of a child while working in the steeple.

“We have not found heard or seen anything of the ghost so at this point it’s just been working,” said Naseth.

This crew will be working until March to get the church ready to open up to the community.

“There can be all sorts of different events from weddings, to special events, family reunions,” said Warren.

Bonanzaville is taking church reservations for the summer now.

Finishing touches on the church are expected to be complete by April.

Call Melisa Warren at 701-282-2822 to rent out this piece of North Dakota history for an event.

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