United We Stand Holds Standing Rock Support Rally on Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

DAPL Prostesters rallied today to put a halt to construction of the pipeline

RED RIVER VALLEY — Protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline rallied at Veteran’s Memorial Bridge to speak out against construction.

After months of standoffs between law enforcement and protesters, construction on the Dakota Access pipeline is moving forward.

Many people there say they’re furious after President Trump signed the Executive Order to build the four-state pipeline.

They say they’re standing up for the environment and taking a stand against anyone trying to destroy it.

“I believe that if the oil pipeline was not safe to build south of Bismarck, than it’s not safe to build north of the Missouri river,” said Jo Cassiday-Maloney.

A lot of the people at the protest site in Morton County have been camping there since August of 2016.

Protesters here want to make sure those people are not forgotten.

“I feel the lives of people are worth more than the profit or a corporation,” said Xavior Jimenez.

Signs read, “water is life,” “respect our water,” and “fossil fuels for fossil people”.

“I’m here protesting the DAPL pipeline because pipelines have a record well over the past two years,” said Jimenez. “Many thousands have already spilled. They don’t make mainstream media.”

Those standing in solidarity say adding the pipeline does nothing but hurt Mother Nature.

“Protesting the DAPL is a protest of the oil industry all together,” said Jimenez.

As many rallies and protests continue to take place across the nation, federal judges have dismissed the requests by Native American tribes to stop construction of the pipeline.

Approved or dismissed, those who oppose the pipeline say they will continue to fight for what they believe is right.

“The pipeline is simply a symptom of capitalism and capitalism is the disease,” said Jimenez.

The Stand with Standing Rock Solidarity Rally was Hosted by the organization United We Stand.