New Food Co-Op Holds Open House in Downtown Fargo

Prairie Roots Co-Op held an open house preview today

FARGO, N.D. — Downtown Fargo is getting a little fresher.

Prairie Roots Food Co–Op is almost ready to bring locally grown foods to the FM area. Farmers, producers and families headed out to get a sneak peek at the co-op’s first open house.

“Conscientious consumers are on the rise in Fargo-Moorhead, and people care about where their food comes from and what’s in it and they also care who they’re buying from,” said Kurt Kopperud, Prairie Roots General Manager.

Farmers and board members answered questions about their products to keep the shoppers informed about their food.

An outlook of what the co–op will look like when it opens was set up inside the building. Dairy aisles, meat corners and café seating are just a few things shoppers can expect.

“We’ll provide a whole different experience and hopefully supplement businesses and then we can all kind of just enjoy the same food cultures,” said Kopperud.

Although employees are excited, they say it’s up to the community to decide on Prairie Root’s success. The co–op will rely on memberships to help fund the store.

“You’re selling an idea for a long time and you get a lot of people to believe in that idea and eventually you’re able to build something and then you get more and more people,” said Kopperud.

At least 1,400 members have already signed up, and members receive a special title once they sign up.

“As a member you’re also an owner of this store. So when you pay your membership fee you get a shared ownership in the store,” said Cheryl Biller, Prairie Roots Co-Op board member.

“Oh my gosh, just participating in a really local level and just like feeding myself, fueling myself. It’s a cool expression of local politics and I really get excited about it,” said Kyle Kazemi, Prairie Roots shopper.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunity to let people have one stop in the community where they can buy locally sourced and organic and natural food,” said Biller.

Prairie Roots opens for business in the summer. The open house was catered by Bernbaums and Twenty Below Coffee.

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