Looking to Get Away? When to Book to Get the Best Deal

It's that time of the year where people are itching to escape the cold temperatures

FARGO, N.D. — It’s that time of the year when people want to escape the snow and embrace the beach.

If you booked to travel after January, you found a good deal.

Whether it’s a church mission…

“We went to Honduras,” said Debby.

…or, seeing family…

“Newbrunsville, Texas,” said Dale, a traveler from Moorhead.

…or going back to the place you grew up…

“Pretty warm…probably like 110 degrees or something,” says Esais, who just arrived from his trip to South Africa.

…it seems like everyone is itching to leave the cold in February and March.

At least one travel agency agrees.

“Everybody kind of needs that boost to get kind of get your attitude back on track,” said Bettie Kensmoe who is with Travel Travel. “We do have gloomy days, a lot of clouds, different things like that.”

Locally, February and March are the most popular months of the year to take a vacation.

“Punta Cana, which is in Dominican Republic,” explained Kensmoe. “Jamaica is a big one. People have been really flooding to Mexico because there have been such good prices.”

We caught up with travelers at Hector International Airport and asked why they chose this time of the year.

“Get out of the cold. Go down where it’s nice. Make the winter a little shorter,” explained Dale, who visits Texas with his wife every year around this time.

Travel Travel says the cheaper prices during this season may have something to do with the crowded airplanes.

“About 90 percent of our people have flown out of Fargo versus Minneapolis because prices have been so good,” explained Kensmoe.

Most trips this winter were booked last fall.

Kensmoe says if you’re still undecided on Spring Break plans, unfortunately, you’ve missed out on most of the deals.

“We can definitely still find something but the only thing is if people are looking to do economical it’s going to be too late to do any traveling,” said Kensmoe.

Travel Travel has started to remind Minnesota customers that if you plan on using a driver’s license to get through security, it must be an enhanced state ID starting in 2018.

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