West Fargo Community High School Tackles Fundraising to Fight Cancer

Carnival set up to help raise funds to fight cancer and hunger

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The only thing better than spring weather in February is a carnival where all kids and families are invited.

West Fargo Community High School students came together to raise money that will go much deeper than just helping fund the school.

The Winter Carnival proves it truly takes a village to help those in need.

From students to their family members, it was one big get together to support the fight against cancer and hunger.

“At first everybody wasn’t really taking it seriously, but then, all of a sudden, it got really serious really fast and it turned into like a whole school project,” said Interschool Committee Member, Adira Ujwok.

Ujwok said her and her classmates decided they wanted to set up a fundraiser where its purpose would really hit home for a lot of the students.

“I feel like everybody in this community has been touched by cancer in general,” said Ujwok. “Abuse and hunger are two of the other things. So I feel like it touches everybody’s hearts, it’s a good cause.”.

All proceeds will benefit the Roger Maris Cancer Center and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Students also collected canned food items to go to the Fargo/Moorhead YWCA Emergency Food Pantry.

With only $1 for admission kids had a chance to play all sorts of games, including basketball.

“I think it’s great what we’re doing here because it’s going to help others,” said Kenneth Heiser with Games Galore. “It’s fun for the kids here no.”

Not only was this great for benefiting the community, but Ujwok also says this was something to break the stereotype of her high school.

“Sometimes, community high school kids get a bad name. It’s like a bad reputation but it’s really events like this and doing things like this and brings us together and what the schools really about,”¬†she said.

“It’s just nice to see people that are doing well and how we can share our money and put it in for a good cause and help out the rest of the world,” said Heiser.

International Bank & Trust, Games Galore, Walmart and the Packer Backers all helped sponsor the event.

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