Cass County Sheriff Laney Praises Fellow Law Enforcement Officers Work At DAPL

Authorities Cleared Out Main Dakota Access Protest Camp Last Week

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney is weighing in on the closure of the main Dakota Access pipeline protest camp in Morton County.

Officers made a few dozen final arrests and officially cleared the camp on Thursday after months of protest activity.

“So we’re really excited that this is done and we hope at this point that it stays done and the Corps can come in now and cleanup the property and we can try to keep this ecological disaster from happening,” said Sheriff Laney.

“Can’t tell you how proud I am of the law enforcement officers here.  The North Dakota law enforcement officers, the states that came to help us: we had Wisconsin and Indiana and Alabama side-by-side with us here today.  It was totally a team effort and everybody’s safe. The most important thing is everybody is safe, nobody was hurt and hopefully this protest is over.”

Twenty officers from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office took part in last week’s camp clearing mission.

A Florida-based company has been hired to provide trash removal and environmental cleanup at the main Oceti camp and at the smaller Rosebud camp.

Both are on federal land.

You can watch the sheriff’s full statement here.

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