Amazon Server Failure Taking Out Webpages, Causing Errors Across the Country

We wish we could show you the Tweets that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has issued...but the photos won't load into this article because of the outage

NATIONAL — Slow internet?  Web page won’t load?  Photos and videos at a stall?

We’re even experiencing it here at KVRR!

Websites and companies across the country are in the same situation as Amazon announced Tuesday afternoon that its S3 web services began showing errors and multiple web servers within the company have gone offline.

We wish we could show you the Tweets that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has issued…but the photos won’t load into this article because of the outage.

Here’s what they Tweeted almost an hour ago:

S3 is experiencing high error rates. We are working hard on recovering. –@awscloud

AWS also reported the outage began in one of the company’s east coast servers.

They followed up with this Tweet just before 2 p.m.:

We continue to experience high error rates with S3 in US-East-1, which is impacting some other AWS services. –@awscloud

Their latest update Tweet only a few minutes ago said this:

For S3, we believe we understand root cause and are working hard at repairing. Future updates across all services will be on dashboard. –awscloud

AWS boasts a secure cloud services platform that offers database storage, content delivery and other functions for web pages and other products.

An easy way to explain why this outage, or as AWS calls them “error rates”, is causing so many issues is many webpages utilize AWS for back-end processes that help websites function.

AWS is one of the largest and most widely used services for personal and business web pages.



The company’s promise of fixing it quickly is not keeping up with the more than 20,000 Tweets from frustrated users.

We wish we could share some here but, unfortunately…yeah, you know why.

Simply check #s3outage on Twitter and you’ll see some great Tweets from people trying to make lemonade out of some sour “lemons”.

We’ll hopefully get back to uploading our photos and videos soon and we’ll update you on any information we get!

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