Local Entrepreneur’s Journey to Opening a Fargo Restaurant

Daran's Southern Soul Food & West Indian Cuisine Operates Out of Square One Kitchen While They Wait For Their Own Space This July

FARGO, N.D. — One entrepreneur is hoping to make it in the cut throat Fargo restaurant business.

Fried chicken is just one specialty you can get at Daran’s Southern Soul Food & West Indian Cuisine.

“We sell soul food and West Indian Food,” explained owner Darrell Randle. “West Indian food is like Caribbean style. That’s what you would know it as and we got some Latin dishes that we make as well.”

However, this restaurant cannot be found on the map yet.

Owners cook their food at Square One Kitchen in Fargo and operate through social media.

“We operate off of Facebook,” Randle said. “That’s usually where you can find our daily menus because people pretty much Facebook everyday so that’s the main tool we use to get the menu out for the day or for the week.”

Daran’s is using crowd fundraising to raise money for their restaurant that will open in Fargo this July.

“Yeah we’re trying to fundraise money for it. It’s just to make sure we have adequate enough supplies and we can cover our staff needs because we know that once we open up, there’s going to be a high demand for our food,” said Randle.

He said it took over a year to find a restaurant to buy but operating out of a commercial kitchen hasn’t slowed their business.

“We get customers by the boatload,” said Randle. “When we’re not even here at Square One, there’s people that come by looking for us so we have customers calling us odd hours throughout the night just trying to get what we serve.”

Randle said that even though there’s been a lot of failing restaurants, he feels confident because he’s bringing something new to the table.

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