32nd Avenue South Road Reconstruction Project Begins

32nd Avenue South Road Reconstruction in Fargo Will Run Through October 2017

FARGO, N.D. — If your commute includes 32nd Avenue South in Fargo, you may want to think of an alternative route.

Road construction season is here.

The major project will expand 32nd Avenue South between 32nd and 36th Street in Fargo.

“On the east end, it’s a full replacement,” said Jeremy Gorden, city engineer. “Everything you see out there is going to be replaced. From the interchange to the west, it’s going to be a widening so we’re going to leave the existing concrete in place, knock off the curbs and add a lane in each direction.”

Some businesses, such as TLC Laser Eye Centers, have some concerns about this construction.

“I’ve had patients already, even last week, knowing that construction was starting saying ‘I’d like to get in for surgery’ before they had to find an alternate route,” said Rachel Olson, who works at TLC. “A lot of people are ready for it but we have to make sure we send out an email with the correct directions on how to find their way around it.”

Officials with Fargo and Essentia Health worked together so patients won’t have trouble in an emergency.

“We’ve been having a number of meetings with them,” said Gorden in regards to Essentia Health. “We’re going to have trailblazing signs out to get to their place, even through a sea of orange, so we think it’s going to go pretty good.”

If you are looking to avoid traffic, there are several alternative routes.

“The good thing is that with this area of town there are some good alternative routes,” added Gorden. “I–94 is a parallel, just a mile north, 45th Ave South is a parallel route a mile south, then 25th Street and 45th Street.”

Olson said construction may take a while to get used to.

“I will be giving myself extra time,” she said. “I tried an alternate route this morning. It didn’t go very well. Still ended up too close to the 32nd. I was hoping to come in the backside of the building but I haven’t managed to find that way yet.”

Construction will take place five to six days a week depending on the weather.

The project is expected to be completed by mid–October.

A digital map of all of the city’s 2017 road construction projects can be found here.

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