Moorhead Man Cited for Showing BB Gun During Disturbance Call

Police responded to a handgun disturbance Sunday night that turned out to be a BB gun

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead police responded to a disturbance call allegedly involving a handgun early Sunday night.

When police arrived, they found out it was actually a BB gun.

“In this case, it was reported that there was a male outside waving around a black gun,” said Lt. Tory Jacobson with the Moorhead Police Department.

At a first glance, a gun… looks like a gun.

“Clearly it’s impossible to if they’re real or fake,”┬áhe added.

Police said, most of the time, people try to pass of “facsimile firearms” as real ones and it’s usually associated with crime.

“The officer has to address the threat as a serious threat, especially when people are behaving and representing it as real,” said Lt. Jacobson.

Moorhead officers responded to the intersection of 6th Avenue South and 3rd Street South at 5 pm on Sunday.

The caller reported a disturbance involving a handgun.

During the investigation, a 31-year-old woman was arrested for a unrelated warrant.

No one was hurt and the incident was resolved by officers on the scene.

Ronald Geri, 28, of Moorhead, is receiving a citation for the misdemeanor violation for showing the BB gun.

“It allows law enforcement to have something criminal for somebody that is doing something that is causing alarm in the general public,” explained Lt. Jacobson. “It’s a public safety concern.”

Police said the three adults on the scene cooperated.

Two BB guns were collected and are in police possession.

“If there weren’t ordinances such as this that allow us to lawfully address the behavior, we could have the unfortunate circumstance where somebody could end up using deadly force in a situation,” said Lt. Jacobson.

Police say that some BB guns even feel as heavy as real ones.

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