Blood Platelet Donations in High Demand Across Valley

With blood transfusions in high demand locally, the need for platelets is constant

FARGO, N.D. — Blood platelet donors are in high demand across the Valley for patients undergoing surgeries, trauma and even cancer.

Officials with United Blood Services said blood platelets only have a shelf life of about five days.

They said with places like the Roger Maris Cancer Center, the demand is constant.

It takes about five to ten blood platelet donors to complete one blood transfusion.

“It’s a great way to support family members or friends and family that are going through an illness, or have used platelets or red blood cells in the past, to really show your support and give back to the community in their name,” said United Blood Services donor recruitment manager┬áTami Kilzer.

She said platelet donations take about 60 minutes whereas standard blood donations take about eight.

They recommend first time blood donors start with the standard donation before giving platelets.

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