Former NDSU Basketball Star Hits the Gridiron

Former NDSU Forward Dexter Werner participates in Football Pro Day.

FARGO, N.D. — Bison fans have grown accustom to seeing number 40 dominating the paint on the basketball floor, but today the Summit League 6th-Man of the Year traded his sneakers for cleats at the NDSU football pro day.

“I had a blast today,” Dexter Werner said. “Just getting to be out here, doing some of the drills, showing what I can do. Then seeing some of these other guys that I have gotten to know over the years, see them show their talents.”

Those talents have won North Dakota State five FCS national titles in the last six years, but Werner did not hold anything back. When the window opened at the possibility of a career in football he thought he’d take his shot.

“I feel pretty good about it,” Werner stated. “I would have liked to have some of my strength up. At the same time it’s kind of hard to put on a bunch of muscle in 7-10 days. I feel good about everything else, and I think it went pretty well. Some of the footwork was a little different on the football field with cleats compared to being on the court. It’s just a little different going into and getting comfortable catching the ball again.”

Catching the ball was not a problem just a few years ago. Werner was named All-state when he played Tight End at Bismarck high school.

“I heard a lot of people thinking that I should have just picked football from the start,” said Werner. “Just with my size and how that translates to the field, but I got a lot of support. There was an outpouring in the community of excitement that it was going down. I had a lot of support the last couple days, but it is not going to interfere with the basketball so why not.”

At the end of the day, Werner says he could see himself either on the hardwood or the gridiron.

“Basketball or football where ever I get a chance, I’ll be happy,” said Werner.

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