Changing Gun Laws Could Change the Game for Campus Gun Policies

The proposed bill to allow guns in state owned buildings put Universities in a legal grey area

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Board of Higher education passed a measure making it the only body who can decide if guns should be allowed on college campuses.

It’s in response to North Dakota lawmakers proposing another gun bill which would allow firearms into buildings owned or managed by the state.

This would put public universities like NDSU in a legal grey area; places where guns are usually banned.

The Board of Higher Education unanimously passed an emergency measure, putting them in control of how campuses will deal with the law, preventing a legal grey area.

After asking students about their thoughts, many have differing opinions about whether guns should be allowed on campus.

But they all seem to agree: the rules should be strict.

“I think they should be allowed on campuses as long as they have the right licensing for them,” said NDSU nursing junior Taylor Mann. “I believe every person has the right to protect themselves. If they think having a gun is the best way to do that, I think they have every right to do that.”

“With the history with guns on college campuses and mental instability, I don’t see a reason why a college student who isn’t hunting or something outside of the city should have a gun on campus,” said NDSU theatre junior Alex Kleven.

The Board of Higher Education wanted to clear this gray area immediately since the bill to allow guns into state government buildings is expected to pass within the next few days.

“So there could have been up to a month where there was no authority to make a yes or no decision on the topic,” said the Board of Higher Education’s public affairs manager, Chris Erickson.

If the law does become active, public University presidents will be able to set their respective gun policies with the board.

Until then, they will remain as they are which some students are happy to hear about.

“I think it’s potentially dangerous to have it in your pocket,” said NDSU student Larissa Ahanarina. “So I think it should be not allowed.”

Officials with University Police could not be reached for comment at this time.

As it stands, unauthorized weapons are not allowed anywhere on the NDSU campus.

This ranges from things like rifles and shotguns to large knives and BB guns.

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