Patty Wetterling: “I’m Not Strong. Jacob’s the Strong Force in My Life”

After months of silence, Patty Wetterling is speaking out about how she is moving on. Reporter Anndrea Anderson with our sister station, KDLT in Sioux Falls, Reports

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Patty Wetterling is trying to find out what’s next for her life.

After her son Jacob’s remains were finally found after 27 years and his killer was put behind bars, she is trying to continue her own recovery.

Anndrea Anderson sat down with patty to talk about the nearly 30-year ordeal.

“They found some bones and then five days later, there was a hearing,” said Wetterling¬†softly. “He confessed to the world what he did. It was stunning.”

In a matter of just days, 27 years of Patty Wetterling’s life…wrapped up.

“I’m still wrestling with that,” she added.

Since the day he went missing in October of 1989, Patty Wetterling has been looking for her son, Jacob.

Always holding out hope that one day, he would return home.

“I knew how to be a searching parent,” said Wetterling. “I did that for 27 years.”

Now that Jacob is at rest and the questions about what happened to him have been answered, Patty is left searching for something else.

“Just kind of home, trying to heal with my family and analyze…what’s next?” she said. “I learned a lot, I’ve been encouraged to keep sharing. ¬†But, I’m changed and I have to kind of figure out a new me. What is my role?”

What she does know, is that she wants to help make this world a better place.

“It’s fighting for the world Jacob knew and believed in,” said Wetterling. “I can tell you there are way more good people in the world than bad and that’s what I’m saying. If good people pull together and rally, we can do this. We can stop anybody from ever thinking it’s okay to exploit a child.”

Patty is slowly re-integrating into a new life.

One on the other side of what happened to Jacob…but never losing sight of her little boy.

“I think he’s been guiding this whole journey for all of us,” added Wetterling. “People say I’m strong. I am not strong. Jacob was a really strong force in my life and he’s guided me, which will continue, and I see that.”

Wetterling was in Sioux Falls to speak at a conference on child abductions at Sanford Hospital.

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