Local Glassblower Wins a Governor’s Award for the Arts

Jon Offutt, a Fargo Based Glassblower, Wins the Individual Achievement Award

FARGO, N.D. — Last week, a local Fargo glassblower took home a prize from the Governor’s Awards for the Arts.

Jon Offutt was one of the individual achievement award recipients.

He says he makes a lot of pumpkin and gourd glasswork along with vases and Dakota horizon scenes.

Creating glasswork takes anywhere from a few minutes to a whole day.

Offutt said that art is a passion that can last a lifetime.

“It’s not like football or math,” he explained. “You forget those things but you’ll always remember your art experiences and you’ll be able to do that well into your senior years.”

Offutt said he believes it’s important to keep funding art programs because it gives people an outlet to express themselves.

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