Crews Are Getting Ready To Fill Potholes

Fargo city workers say the busy roads are the ones that need the most work

Anyone who drives a vehicle knows the annoyance of pothole season.

Fargo city workers say they identify high traffic roads as the ones that need the most work.

Main Avenue, 13th Avenue South, and 25 Street South are all high on the list for potholes.

Crews are working on fixing the roads with asphalt rather than the temporary fill used in the early spring.

You can help the city find areas that need repairs by reporting the location online.

“It requires some patience on all of us, certainly use the Fargo reporting form or the Fargo One app. We’ve got broad shoulders, it’s there for a reason,” said Lee Anderson, with Fargo Public Works.

You can expect crews working at full force as we get closer to May.

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