Local Churches Celebrate Easter at the Red River Zoo

Five different churhces held an Easter celebration at the zoo

FARGO, N.D. — Animals at the Red River Zoo had some extra company as thousands of people came out for some Easter fun.

Kids and parents were hopping all throughout the Red River Zoo.

Local churches in the F-M area hosted an Easter celebration a day early, but it’s not all about egg hunts and bunnies.

They want to remind zoo-goers about the true meaning behind the holiday.

“Being able to take a fun event like an Easter egg hunt and connect it to the reason that’s big for us and big for them which is to know that Jesus rose again and to celebrate the meaning of Easter,” said Brent McNeal, pastor with Sojourn Church.

An egg hunt was set up along with a scavenger hunt and face painting for the kids.

“This is absolutely lovely. The zoo has always wanted to have an Easter egg hunt and it’s just not something that we could put on so we were so happy to have the Southern Valley Baptist Association to want to put on their event here,” said Sally Jacobson, Executive Director of the Red River Zoo.

“The Search Is On” was the theme for the day.

“We’re searching for egg hunts, we’re searching for scavenger items throughout the zoo and ultimately we’re asking that question…what are you searching for,” said McNeal.

Aside from Easter eggs, some kids shared what they were searching for.

“The red panda,” said Scotti Parrow.

“Certain animals,” said Ayesha Massgo.

“Trying to find animals and finishing the scavenger hunt,” said Keanna Massgo.

Red River Zoo staff say it’s the perfect way to celebrate Easter.

“I just love seeing families come to the zoo and of course the Easter egg hunt is absolutely adorable all those bright colored Easter eggs and of course all the children getting to take in the animals too,” said Jacobson.

And besides all the animal watching, kids seem to share the same idea when it comes to what their favorite part of the holiday is.

“We get to see a bunch of family,” said Parrow.

“That you can spend time with your family,” said Kaileigh Papacheck.

“Getting candy and hanging with my family,” said Massgo.

“To get all of the gifts and just to hang around family,” said Massgo.

“You can get eggs and sometimes they have candy in them and you can win all sorts of prizes,” said Derek Copp.

After the fun, an Easter service wrapped up the day.

“Seeing how Easter can be more than just about eggs,” said McNeal.

The churches which helped were Life Church, Living Hope Baptist Church, Prairie View Church, Sojourn Church and Temple Baptist Church.

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