Easter Egg Hunt hosted by local restaurant

Families were able to enjoy food and fun in the sun

FARGO, N.D. -(KVRR) — “We are family friendly with that being said we thought what better way to do that then bring in the holiday season incorporated in a little way” The Easter bunny made a stop at a local restaurant this weekend in order to give kids some fun and happiness. Kiddos from all ages were able to stop…

Truck driver from Portland stranded in Fargo due to blizzard

Warlick hopes to be able to make it back home for Christmas. 

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The blizzard that is rolling through the area has left some waiting out the storm. Jesse Warlick is a truck driver from Portland, Oregon who arrived in Fargo on Tuesday from Cloquet, Minnesota. He has been driving truck for a little over two years and says that he’s used to driving in this weather. He saw…

Ribbons Tied Around Trees at West Acres Mall Raise Awareness About Foster Care

The ribbons will remain there until September 28

FARGO, N.D.- The Blue Ribbon Foster Care Awareness event typically takes place in May, but had to be postponed due to COVID-19. Each ribbon represents one of 244 kids and teens that are in foster care in our region. Through this event, the organization hopes to inspire more people in the community to get involved and provide help to families…

Churches United Launches Campaign To Provide Kids With School Supplies & Clothing

Churches United is expecting to have about 60 kids participating in this year's campaign. 

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Adopt-A-Kiddo provides children from Micah’s Mission and Bright Sky apartments with school supplies and clothing. The families will have to fill a survey where they talk about the kids likes, dislikes and hobbies. Those interested will be paired up with a kid and given a list made by the family. “COVID has kind of messed up all of…

Red River Zoo Teaches Kids Importance Of Farming At Agricultural Adventure Day

This Is The 4th Agricultural Adventure Day For The Zoo

FARGO, N.D. — At the Red River Zoo, families are learning about the agricultural industry and how crops grown around the state are used for multiple things. “These crops that are grown like the field corn here is actually used for ethanol. To find out the alternative use for these crops besides food is really important, so they see what…

United Way of Cass-Clay Want Help to Reach Goal of 6,000 Backpacks

The organization has received just over 3,400 backpacks.

FARGO, N.D.- July has been a busy month for United Way of Cass- Clay. The organization has been holding their annual school supply drive in the midst of a pandemic. “The need this year with the pandemic may be far greater than we could have ever anticipated and regardless of how students are returning back to school this fall, they…

Bismarck Man Facing Multiple Sex Crime Charges Against 15 Minors

All 15 alleged victims were females in their early teens with each case being a separate incident.

FARGO, N.D. — The U.S. Attorney for North Dakota says 21-year-old Dawson Rouse of Bismarck is facing 27 federal indictments of sexual exploitation of children, the corrosion of sexual exploitation of minors and the creation and transfer of obscene material involving minors. All 15 alleged victims were females in their early teens with each case being a separate incident. With…

Health Experts See A Decrease In Parents Bringing Their Kids For Routine Care

They say it's important for parents to stick to the routine vaccine schedule.

FARGO, N.D. – While in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say they don’t need to be dealing with additional outbreaks of other infectious diseases. They say it’s important for parents to stick to the routine vaccine schedule, especially for kids 2 and under. They are still seeing kids for routine vaccinations and making sure to keep the clinics…

Sanford Offering Dietary Guidelines During COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order

Experts Say It's Important To Create A Healthy Daily Routine For Exercising And Planning Out Your Meals

FARGO, N.D. — Sanford is offering some dietary guidelines as people are being asked to stay home during the pandemic. Experts say it’s important to create a healthy daily routine for exercising and planning out your meals. They say a good tip if you’re eating canned foods is to rinse them through water to help cut down on some of…

Speaking To Kids About COVID-19

According to the CDC, children do not appear to be at higher risk for COVID-19 than adults

MOORHEAD, Minn.- Some parents are having a tough talk with their children about Covid – 19. We talked with a local expert who says the most important thing is to keep calm while explaining the situation. “Children are very influenced by the stress of their caregivers, so it’s important not to overwhelm them with information, yet give them appropriate information….