First time dad classes can help in your next chapter in life

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Being a first time dad can be a scary proposition.

There’s a lot to learn and remember as your little one enters the world, but thankfully there are resources like first time dad classes to help out.

“I always encourage them regardless of how they got there,” said Zach Leibel, who teaches first time dad classes. “A lot of times is because their spouse is sitting next to them, or girlfriend or whoever is right there logged them in but we take it and we just go with it and encounter the knowledge together.”

Hunter Sleen recently became a dad for the first time. He said the classes helped prepare him for this next chapter in his life.

“Since that class I’ve spent time just talking to my daughter,” said Sleen. “I’ve spent time playing music for her and trying to get her acclimated to things that I might be doing when she’s out and born. So it’s going to be a true joy to actually get to see this person that I’ve been talking to for the last month and a half or so.”

These classes whether it’s at Essentia Health or with other providers, go through many topics. Which include the meaning of becoming a dad, caring for new moms and bonding with your baby.

“I’m more aware that the last nine months or so my wife has gone through the changes that she’s gone through, the toll that’s taken on her physically and mentally and emotionally,” said Sleen. “And I think it will allow me to truly be more present and supportive to her as we’re transitioning into this next stage in our life.”

At Essentia, they’ve had over 1,000 dads take the classes. For those looking to take some first-dad classes, contact your local health provider for more information.

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