Rape and Abuse Crisis Center Holds Pinwheels for Peace Project

The Pinwheels for Peace project is set up all over the metro to show the many cases of sexual abuse

FARGO, N.D. — Pinwheels are spinning all over the metro in order to bring awareness to abuse.

The Rape and Abuse Crisis Center holdsĀ their Pinwheels for Peace project in the last week of April each year.

Six hundred and twelve pinwheels are set up on the NDSU campus, Island Park, Veterans Boulevard and on Concordia’s campus.

The pinwheels signify the number of children at the center who have been affected by sexual abuse.

Members say this alarming number needs to be an eye opener to the community.

“I think just recognizing that child abuse does happen in our community,” said Melanie Fierstine, who is the prevention education director with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center. “It is there and we here at Rape and Abuse Crisis Center are here to offer our help and healing to those who have been affected.”

The Rape and Abuse Crisis Center will be hosting its annual Kids Are Our Business Breakfast tomorrow morning to shed more light on the sexual abuse problem in our area.

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