A Few Furry Friends Made Guest Appearances at Barnes & Noble

Therapy dogs accompanied children as they read books at Barnes & Noble

Kids at Barnes & Noble had some extra furry friends with them as they spent their afternoon reading.

The bookstore held a ‘Read with a Therapy Dog & Meet Biscuit’ event for all children.

Biscuit the dog from the children’s book ‘Biscuit’ made an appearance to help encourage the young readers to keep up their good work.

A few other pups from Therapy Pets of the Red River Valley also spent the day with the kids to patiently listen as young learners practiced their reading skills.

Therapy pet team members say this is a perfect way for children to build up their reading confidence.

“If you’re being corrected all the time I think it feels different sometimes you quit having the courage to read. I think when you just hang out and read with the dogs they just lay there and they’re peaceful and so it’s a little bit of an easier experience for the kids to learn how to read,” said Pet Therapy Team Member with Therapy Pets of the Red River Valley, Wanda Carlson.

Team Members from Therapy Pets of the Red River Valley will be heading to a Kiwanis Meeting Presentation Monday at noon to give a lesson on the benefits of therapy dogs.

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