Community Participates in Active Shooter Drill at New Sanford Medical Center

Local Hospitals, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Emergency Responders Worked Together to Prepare For an Active Shooter Scenario

FARGO, ND — You can never be too prepared for dangerous situations.

Sanford Health and Essentia Health partnered with F–M police, fire, ambulance and dispatch to prepare for an active shooter situation.

“It’s a complex scenario,” said Ken Krupich it’s got a lot of emotion tied to it, it can be quite devastating obviously so it tests a lot of the higher end capabilities that we need,” said Ken Krupich, who is with Essentia Health.

The exercise began with dispatch alerting police of an active shooter in the hospital.

Police and fire squads team up to clear the building.

But this controlled exercise didn’t account for the unexpected.

“If there was an active shooter event here, our best laid plans would be subject to change,” said Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson with the Fargo Police Department.

To make the situation more realistic, they had people act as victims of the shooter.

“Studies have found that the quicker you can get care to patients, the better the chances of their survival are,” said Fire Marshal Ryan Erickson. “That’s really what we’re trying to practice is a way to get care to our patients or get those patients removed as quickly as possible.”

After they got the patients out of the building, they practiced transporting victims to Essentia Health and Sanford Medical Center in Downtown Fargo.

“We’re so lucky in this community to have these agencies that all want to work together, but it’s really nice that we get the opportunity to meet each other before an event actually occurs so when that event does occur, it’s not like we’re meeting each other for the first time or seeing each other’s operations for the first time,” explained Krupich.

The new Sanford Hospital won’t open until this summer.

For many people participating in the drill, this was their introduction to the building.

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