Experts Say Fit Sleep into Your Finals Schedule

Sleep may help you get a better grade on that test

FARGO, ND — Before you hit the books all night to study for finals, you may want to consider this.

A study done by Harvard University suggests that dreaming can help boost your memory.

Sacrificing sleep to study is an age old ritual of finals week, but experts say it may leave you dragging.

A local sleep doctor says it’s best for your overall performance to get a full night’s rest.

He says sleeping can recollect and consolidate what you’ve studied.

“Sometimes we do feel that are able to remember things, but usually it’s not good to avoid sleep,” said Dr. Praveen Jinnur, who works with patients at the Essentia Health Sleep Medicine Department. “At least six to eight hours is recommended.”

If you nap, Dr. Jinnur also recommends only doing so for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Otherwise, you might wake up more tired than before.

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