We Just Had a Job to Do: WWII Veteran Honored at the Fargo Air Museum

Jim Tyler, a 93-year old fighter pilot from WWII, is in town as the featured guest at the museum's annual auction

FARGO, ND — A World War II veteran is in town as the featured guest at Fargo Air Museum’s Celebrity Dinner and Auction.

James Tyler is an Iowa native and a P–38 fighter pilot with the 15th Air Force.

He enlisted in November 1942 and flew in 15 missions to Germany and Austria, first as a bomber escort then in bombing missions.

Tyler says he doesn’t think of himself as a hero because he was just doing the job he signed up for.

“It was a job that everybody knew that had…had a job to do and we got with it,” said Tyler.  “There talking about this hero stuff all day…that never came into it, never.  We just had a job to do.”

Tyler left the Army Air Force in 1945.

He went on to manage a beverage bottling company in Iowa and keeps an active role in the company.

He has four daughters and a son.

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