West Fargo Fire Department Adding Full-Time Firefighters

The department plans to have ten more full-time employees on staff by the end of the year

WEST FARGO, ND — Big changes are proposed with the West Fargo Fire Department with the likely addition of full–time firefighters.

The decision made by West Fargo city leaders to add full time fire fighters is to improve public safety.

“It was partly response time,” said West Fargo Mayor Rich Mattern.  “Sometimes it was a little longer than it really should be.  They came up with a great plan, I think, that is still partially volunteer.”

“Beginning next year we’re going to have full–time personnel staffing our south side station, they’re going to be there seven days a week,” said Brian Fuller, West Fargo Fire Department Chief.

Chief Fuller believes that by adding ten full–time members to the fire department, they’ll be better able to respond more quickly and be better able to serve their community.

“The reaction time ends up being somewhere near that five–minute mark,” said Fuller.  “We made 32 percent of calls last year within nine minutes or less, we’re aiming for 90 percent of all calls to be within nine minutes or less with this new program.”

Chief Fuller needed to add the new personnel to the area where it would do the most good.

“What we found was, with the travel times, that the south station gives us the widest area of being to a scene within nine minutes or less,” said Fuller.

Mayor Mattern believes the changes will create a more effective fire department.

“I’m hoping that they feel safer,” said he said. “That’s my goal and I think they will.”

The proposed changes still need final approval from city commissioners.

The goal is to have the ten new full–time employees on staff by January 1, 2018.

A public open house will be held on May 31 at the Central Fire Station on First Street.

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