Cheney Middle School Celebrates Cultures at New Neighbor Night

People from the FM area and around the world celebrate the cultures of their neighbors

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Through dance, food and games, West Fargo Public Schools is welcoming its new neighbors from around the world.

More than 1,000 people from the Valley and many other corners of the globe gathered at Cheney Middle School to celebrate.

From Chinese calligraphy to Nepali dances, the New Neighbor Night celebrates the diverse cultures living in West Fargo.

“Everybody is welcome,” said Stacey King, an English teaching social worker for the middle school. “We want community people to come and see this event and see how many kids that we have from different cultures.”

“We get together, we try different food,” said Yvette Nyamugisha of West Fargo. “I’m really excited, I like it, and I wish it would happen every single year.”

While there, Nyamugisha let me try some of her igitoki, a dish which she said comes from Congo, her home country.

Delicious food aside, staff members said the night is about educating families and students in a ways that bring people together.

“A lot of people feel more love between each other,” said Noorjawadi, a freshman at West Fargo High School.

Despite the changing political climate, the people we spoke with said they love their new homes in Fargo-Moorhead.

“I love it because the people respect each other, the people value each other,” said Noorjawadi.

“I like Fargo because it’s quiet and the people are friendly,” said Nyamugisha. “Since I came, they always help me with everything. I was single mom with three kids.”

Coming to the United States is a culture shock for many, but the international students said celebrations like these make them feel more welcome.

“They’re not going to think that they’re alone here,” said Noorjawadi.

Staff members said this is the sixth year Cheney Middle School has put up New Neighbor Night.

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