What Mother’s Day Means To Those in the Metro

Those in the community share Mother's Day memories and what the holiday means to them

FARGO, ND., — It’s a day to give all moms worldwide the recognition they deserve.

“Oh it was the most wonderful thing in the world to be a mother,” said Susan Sheppard.

“I mean they gave birth to us, they nursed us until now so we just have to thank them for what they have done,” said Hellen Thomsesey.

“We should appreciate that mother’s care for us, and they buy groceries, they buy clothes, for us they clean,” said Nick Mjoness.

Whether families spent the day at home or out and about, there’s one gift that’s sure to do the trick on Mother’s Day.

“Well you always got to have flowers for mother’s day,” said Keith Kolle.

“Well maybe roses something like that,” said Thomsesey.

“We brought in over 300 dozen roses and over 700 dozen bouquets and we’re going to run out so it’s been a busy weekend,” said Cash Wise Floral Manager, Ron Fischer.

Cash Wise Floral Manager Ron Fischer said people have been flooding in all weekend long to buy flowers for the special ladies in their lives.

“We’ve had a lot of kids come in with the dads and they pick out what they want,” said Fischer.

“Right now we’re getting flowers,” said Mjoness.

The day is not all about flowers.

Some are taking the day to remember those who are lost but not forgotten.

“Well for me mother’s day is really kind of tough because I’ve lost my daughter and my mom and grand mom and great grand moms,” said Sheppard. “It’s just missing them and loving them is what mother’s day means to me at this point.”

“Well my mother passed away a few years ago and I really miss her and it’s a time to really say thanks,” said Fischer.

“My mother is not here as of today she passed away but all the other mothers my sisters I have I wish them a very happy mother’s day,” said Kolle.

The holiday has even taken them on a trip down memory lane.

“When my kids were little we lived on the north side of Fargo and we always used to walk over to the Dairy Queen over there for my free sundae,” said Sheppard.

“We’d always get together at their house for mother’s day or else we took them out to eat. Back on the farm we didn’t have a whole lot but we managed to make it,” said Kolle.

For all of the loving and hardworking mothers out there, know that you are appreciated

“Happy mother’s day,” said Thomsesey.

“Have a great one mothers, have a great one,” said Kolle.

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