Discovery Middle School Puckers Up for Piglets to Support Classmate

Discovery Middle School students and teachers were kissing pigs all to help one student in need

FARGO, ND — Students and faculty from Discovery Middle School puckered up for a few sloppy kisses with a pig.

When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel alone.

“I’ve got three sons and the first thing I thought of was what would happen if that were one of my sons,” said Tammy Linn, who is an English Teacher at Discovery.

But at Discovery Middle School, they always strive to take care of their own.

When the Holtz family needed support, teachers and classmates stepped up.

Seventh grader Matthew Holtz was seriously injured in a skiing accident.

It’s something no parent ever wants to see their child go through.

“They were preparing him to be airlifted to Billings and that’s kind of when it hit,” said Matthew’s mother, Jane. “It’s like ‘oh, wow this is serious’.”

Although Matthew was wearing a helmet, he broke his lower back, hips and neck.

“Initially, I was confused because I woke up not knowing what had happened,” said Matthew.

“The devastation of the medical bills and the time off work and everything,” said Linn.

Mrs. Linn is one of Matthew’s teachers.

She knew she had to do something to help him.

“So I helped them get ramps,” she said. “Doing a lot of things to try and prepare them and then I thought ‘what else can I do’?”

That’s where the pigs come into play.

First, it was just about raising money…but then things got serious.

“I said we’ll bring in a pig to kiss for the teachers and kids for any grade that raised over $1,000,” said Linn.

Challenge accepted.

Between all three grades the students raised over $3,100.

Matthew’s parents say they’re at a loss of words after seeing all of the love and support from the community.

“Sometimes it’s kind of overwhelming you know. It’s hard to really know how to say thank you because thank you doesn’t seem enough,” said Jane.

“It was just awesome listening to everybody in the gym and how they rallied behind all of this,” said Matthew’s Father, Robert Holtz.

“You see happy people and you see them having fun and that’s what it’s really about in addition to helping Matthew,” said Linn.

“It makes me feel good,” said Matthew.

Discovery Middle School is proving they’ll go the distance when it comes to helping their school family.

The pigs were furnished by the NDSU Animal Science Department.

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