What You Need to Know as Tick Season Approaches

Ticks carrying Lyme disease can be more dangerous than you think

FARGO, ND — As the weather gets warmer, keep a watchful eye out for ticks.

The tiny mites can carry Lyme disease.

The CDC reports that 300,000 people get Lyme disease each year.

It’s something that starts out as a bullseye-like rash and can end up infecting your tissues, joints, organs, brain and heart.

Lyme Disease Support Group members say the biggest thing to remember is that prevention is key.

“Keep your lawn mowed when you’re in tall grassy areas and wear full clothing,” said Tracy Holwagner, who is a facilitator with the FM Lyme Disease Support Group. “There’s different sprays we can tell you about for clothes and skin that can prevent you from Lyme. Do a full check of course after being in a grassy area.”

According to the CDC, most cases of Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics.

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