Fargo South Seniors Skip Out of Classes to PRANK Elementary Students

This was the sixth year for the South High tradition

FARGO, ND — Fargo South seniors continued a tradition by pulling “PRANKS” on local elementary schools.

The seniors’ pranks were actually acts of community service.

After their good deeds, the senior class celebrated with a cook out and a team-building exercise.

School officials say they are proud of the senior class for turning a skip day into a day full of service to the community.

“It’s really evolved into something the seniors, as a whole, look forward to because they know number one, it’s a half a day. They like to go back and connect. A lot of the seniors connect with their former elementary instructors so they’ll go back to their schools that they were at,” said Cory Lehman, Fargo South High School Assistant Principal.

PRANK stands for People Really Appreciate Nice Kids.

This is the sixth year for the school’s day–long event.

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