“This Alone is a Charge”: Shooting Victim’s Family Doesn’t Want Perez Locked Away

Family members say Pedro was a thrill seeker and a loving father

HALSTAD, Minn. — Family members of Pedro Ruiz III tell us the shooting was an accident. “He said he had practiced it,” said his aunt, Claudia Ruiz. “It’s just sad.” Relatives said Pedro Ruiz III was a family man, a hard worker and a thrill seeker. They do not think the fatal shooting was intentional. “They would do anything for…

Fargo South Seniors Skip Out of Classes to PRANK Elementary Students

This was the sixth year for the South High tradition

FARGO, ND — Fargo South seniors continued a tradition by pulling “PRANKS” on local elementary schools. The seniors’ pranks were actually acts of community service. After their good deeds, the senior class celebrated with a cook out and a team-building exercise. School officials say they are proud of the senior class for turning a skip day into a day full…

Not a Prank: Kids Unleash Tens of Thousands of Ladybugs at Mall of America

Turns out there's a scientific reason

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — A group of Minnesota kids released 75,000 ladybugs… inside the Mall of America. It wasn’t a prank. The ladybugs act as a pesticide for the more than 30,000 plants and 400 trees throughout the mall. The plants and trees act as air purifiers for the 5.6 million square foot building. The ladybug releases have been happening since…