Slamabama Honors Moszer Family, Officers in LIVE Performance at Hooligans

Moszer family members said the song moved them to tears

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Singer-songwriters from Alabama are honoring Jason Moszer and other fallen officers with a song called “Water Tower”.

The band, Slamabama, traveled all the way to the metro to meet the Moszer family.

“Jason’s death was that one piece of news that I think came across to us and really personified the attack and the war on police officers,” said┬áJasper Juliano, Slamabama’s singer and lead guitarist.

In February, Slamabama set out to honor the memory of fallen officers.

They named a character in the song “Jason.”

“The water tower that the girl in the song sings of is the water tower she climbed with her brother back when they were kids,” Jasper explained. “Now she’s seeing it and now she’s seeing it for the first time coming back into town for his funeral.”

Lyrics from Water Tower as sung by Rosanna Juliano: “Jason and I would climb and rise up high above the ground. A blue broken heart, now leaves its mark in lieu of flowers right there on our water tower.”

“By pure coincidence, we finished the song and sang it and then on my Facebook notifications that night, we had the indicator that it was the one year anniversary of Fargo officer Jason Moszer’s death,”┬áJasper said.

Their music video for the song Water Tower was later published to Facebook.

It has already received more than 70,000 views.

“It was moving,” said Dave Moszer, Jason’s father. “I thought it was just an awesome song… That they would do something about Jason and all the fallen officers in 2016.”

Dave Moszer said Water Tower does justice to the memory of Jason and all the other fallen officers.

He finally met the band in person tonight, giving them memorabilia of Jason and telling them the song moved family members to tears.

“Who knows, Jason probably did climb a water tower at some time in his life,” Dave said. “Pretty sure he probably did.”

“I think it’s kind of therapeutic for a lot of officers and officers’ families that actually hear this song,” Jasper said. “There was a gentleman from West Fargo who’s a fireman who told me that it will help a lot of officers’ families cope.”

Moszer family members heard the song live for the first time this evening.

Dave said the family is doing much better than they were a year ago, moving forward but never forgetting.

Slamabama played at Hooligans in West Fargo and will also play at the Red River Valley Fair in July.

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