Family of Dawn Carlson Says They Still Have Questions

A four–year–long missing person's case of Dawn Carlson is likely closed after the discovery of a body in a submerged car in Lake Bronson Thursday

KITTSON  COUNTY, Minn., — A four–year–long missing person’s case of Dawn Carlson is likely closed after the discovery of a body in a submerged car in Lake Bronson Thursday.

That doesn’t mean her family has all of the answers they are looking for.

When it comes to Dawn Carlson, May 26th, 2017, is another date that’s now stamped into the minds of her family.

“It’s on the calendar even. I even still have her birthday on there,” said Lynette Taylor, Dawn’s Cousin.

Dawn went missing on October 2nd, 2013, after leaving her aunt’s home in Karlstad.

For nearly four years, there was no sign of her or her car, a 2001 Mercury Sable.

“To be abducted or whatever, the car should turn up somewhere,” said Deputy Mark Wilwant, the lead investigator on this case.

In a 2015 interview with KVRR, the lead investigator said multiple agencies came in on the search.

“The fire departments came out and did grid searches from the area where she lived to Karlstad, and State Patrol came up with aircraft, the dive teams have been up checking some of the gravel pits,” said  Deputy Wilwant.

It was Deputy Wilwandt who made the call to Dawn’s family when the car was discovered with a purse with her ID inside, along with a body.

“She was a wonderful person. So friendly and outgoing,” Taylor said.

Dawn’s cousin, Lynnette, said while this may bring some closure to the case, the question remains…what happened?

“We all think it wasn’t suicide. We all think that it was staged or somebody did this to her,” Taylor said.

Members of Dawn’s family admit she had a lot of struggles, but many don’t believe it was enough to end her own life.

“I never saw the depressed side of Dawn,” Taylor explained.

For those who knew Dawn best, they say the animal lover who was devoted to her five dogs never would have left them behind and locked away.

Her aunt, who was the allegedly the last person to see her, told authorities she was in high spirits.

The area her car was found had been searched twice before.

“I remember her full of life,” Taylor said.

The coroner has not identified body, but the family says they’re almost certain that it’s Dawn.

In 2015, we sent a crew to Kittson County to talk with the Carlson family.

You can find the full story here.

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