Dayton Eliminates Funding for House and Senate, Said Republicans Launched “Sneak Attack”

Governor Dayton has signed nine so-called "Budget Bills" to avoid a government shutdown

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Governor Dayton has signed nine so-called “Budget Bills” to avoid a government shutdown.

But he said he considers some of the Republicans actions a “sneak attack.”

He is allowing the Tax Bill to become law without his signature.

He used the line-item veto to strip funding for the House and Senate for four years saying the job of the legislature has not been satisfactorily completed.

Dayton said he will only agree to a special session if some tax breaks are eliminated.

Republican Legislative leaders flew in to Moorhead this afternoon to talk about the session before the governor made his decision.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt and other GOP members are calling it the most successful Minnesota session to date.

Their highlights include the Real ID law and tax relief.

“They know that they elected Republicans in the House and the Senate and the Democrat Governor and they knew it would be a difficult thing to put things together at the end,” Daudt said. “It means that nobody got everything they wanted. We didn’t get everything that we want, the Governor didn’t get everything that he wanted and ultimately, everybody gave a little bit.”

Daudt released a statement which said he’s disappointed in the governor’s behavior to eliminate funding to the legislature.

The budget bill includes a railroad underpass for Moorhead and the joining of sewage systems between Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.

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