The Ashley Hunter Trial: Nurse Testifies to Hunter’s Alleged Admission to Crime

The medical examiner who conducted autopsies on the victims also took the stand

FARGO, ND — The medical examiner who conducted autopsies on the victims in a 2015 double murder in Fargo said the injuries on the men match the statement that murder suspect Ashley Hunter gave police.

Last Thursday, jurors watched a tape where Hunter admitted to the crimes and goes into detail about stabbing one victim and hitting the other with a hammer.

The nurse who evaluated Hunter after he was taken into custody testified.

She says Hunter admitted to her of being under the influence of both marijuana and meth.

She also said Hunter told her he killed a man and that he was hearing voices in his head.

“Do you hear anything that may not be there? That I may not hear?” said former Fargo nurse Andrea Wallace, when asked what she said to Hunter that night.

“And did he indicate whether or not that was true?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes,” Wallace replied.

“And what did he say?” asked the prosecutor.

“He said he heard a voice that was telling him to kill three people,” Wallace replied.

Wallace said during the exam, Hunter was calm and cooperative.

The trial continues tomorrow.

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