Boating Tips to Remember Before Hitting the Water

Minnesota DNR Gives Water Safety Reminders For This Year's Lake Season

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. —¬†Summer lake season is upon us and many people are already out on the water.

But while you’re having fun in the sun, are you being safe on the lake?

“There’s something about being on the element of water, particularly in the summertime when it’s warm,” said Jess Stuewe, who owns Lakes Pace, LLC. “It’s just really good for the soul.”

The Minnesota DNR patrols state lakes to make sure boaters are playing it safe.

They remind boaters to make sure to have a fire extinguisher and a throw buoy on board.

“If the boats over 16 feet, you need to have a throw buoy,” said Angela Warren, who is with the Minnesota DNR. “A seat cushion or a ring buoy those have to be approved by the coast guard.”

While it’s not required by law to wear a life jacket over the age of ten, it is required to be in the boat.

“If you get in some kind of accident and were thrown from the boat and lose consciousness, whether you’re Michael Phelps or some of the best swimmers in the world, if you’re unconscious, you’re not going to be doing any swimming,” Warren said. “Make sure you let people know where you’re going. We have a lot of people go out fishing maybe by themselves in the early mornings or late at night. Know when you’re going to get back that way, if you don’t come back for some reason, they know where to look for you.”

The DNR wants boaters to be mindful of their surroundings.

Understanding that you share the water with other people is very important.

The DNR says they have ticketed¬†boats for not having throw buoys or ring buoys and for having fire extinguishers that don’t work.

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