Swimmers Are Getting Safety Tips Before Getting Into the Water

Swimmers in the FM area are getting safeety tips during Water Safety Day

FARGO, ND., — School’s out for the summer and what better way is there for kids to spend their days off, than hanging by the pool.

With the blazing heat outside, it’s no surprise kids are ready to spend their summer vacation jumping in and out of pools.

But before dipping their toes in the water, the Fargo Park District decided it was crucial to give the swimmers some safety tips.

“It’s just kind of a day for everyone to bring in their kids that are kind of okay swimmers but they don’t know whether they should be wearing a life jacket,” said Head Manager with Davie’s Pool, Brandon Scheel.

A community-wide water safety day was held at the five outdoor Fargo Park district pools to give kids a refresher on how to keep safe in and around the water.

“General things that some kids don’t get taught like don’t go into the water to save someone or what to do when you can’t touch and you need to break,” said Scheel.

The importance of wearing lifejackets and keeping an eye out on your surroundings are just a couple other lessons being taught.

“It’s always important to learn to be safe around the water. It’s something that can go wrong very quickly,” said Scheel.

Not only are children learning water safety tips but they’re also learning the importance of keeping safe under the sun.

“Especially since this is a high exposure area for getting a lot of exposure to the sun and so we really promote the sun safety strategies for kids and families,” said Cancer Survivorship Program Manager with Essentia, Leah Deyo.

Leah Deyo is part of the sun safety campaign team at Essentia hospital stressing the dangers of getting skin cancer while lounging in the sun.

She says if there’s one thing to always remember, it’s to apply sunscreen before you get in the water, once you get out and then again every two hours.

“A lot of adults get skin cancer and often times it’s because of what they did when they were children, said Deyo.

She also spent the afternoon handing out sunglasses.

“Of course sometimes people don’t realize they also need to be protecting their eyes,” said Deyo.

As fun as it is sliding down water slides and doing cannon balls in the water, it can become even more fun if you do it while playing by the rules.

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