Fargo K9 Officer on Administrative Leave After Domestic Assault Arrest

Just two days after Fargo hosted the regional police K9 demonstration, Jeremiah Ferris found himself in jail

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A Fargo K9 officer is on administrative leave after being arrested for domestic assault in Moorhead.

Police say the alleged female victim had injuries when they arrived on scene.

Just two days after Fargo hosted the regional police K9 demonstration, Jeremiah Ferris found himself in jail.

“I will be placing this officer on administrative leave pending the results of this investigation,” said Fargo Police Chief David Todd.

Ferris told officers he saw his romantic partner being protective over her phone at the K9 event.

Documents state both Ferris and the alleged victim accused each other of cheating during a dispute Monday night.

The alleged victim said Ferris got in her face, knowing it bothers her because of past abuse.

She told officers he forcibly took her phone and grabbed her by the cheeks, hair and neck, throwing her to the ground multiple times.

But Ferris said he ducked his shoulder, causing her to “make contact” and fall down.

When officers arrived just after 1:30 Tuesday morning, Ferris was arrested.

“I apologize on behalf of the men and women of the Fargo Police Department and to the victim of the domestic assault,” said Chief Todd during a press conference Tuesday morning. “The community trusts its police department to hold itself to a high standard in serving and protecting our community. I apologize to our community for this incident and feel like we have let you down.”

After Ferris appeared in court, his bail was set at $2,000.

At the request of the victim of the alleged assault, a no contact order was not issued.

Ferris appeared to be in tears as he walked in the court room wearing shackles and orange garb.

He pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor domestic assault charges.

The alleged victim told a judge she had almost completely moved into Ferris’ home.

Documents stated the two were both intoxicated.

Police say Ferris’s blood alcohol content was at .12

“Unfortunately, domestic assaults are too common,” said Lieutenant Tory Jacobson with the Moorhead Police Department. “They happen all over. They happen to many of our friends and families.”

Moorhead authorities are taking over its investigation, but the Fargo Police Department still needs to figure out what to do with Ferris and his K9 Bali.

“Our K9s live with their officer, so at this point in time, we’ll just have to figure out what comes next with the dog,” said Chief Todd.

Chief Todd also said he will consult other K9 officers when figuring out what to do with Bali.

The criminal complaint stated Ferris has a second German Shepard, who is not a K9 officer.

Authorities said Officer Ferris has been with the Fargo Police Department since 2009.

As for the alleged victim, officers said she had injuries on her arms and legs but did not require immediate medical attention.

Ferris’s next court appearance is on June 28th.

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