New Additions Coming to Red River Market

On top of some new vendors, organizers want to make the market a little brighter

FARGO, ND– It’s a place you can buy local, eat well and have fun.

Volunteers gathered downtown to help set up for the Red River Market in downtown Fargo.

Shoppers will soon see a new stage that will host performers each Saturday.

The additional section will also include more seating.

The market runs every Saturday through the months of July and October.

“We’ve got hot food during the market, as well as produce, flowers, meat, potatoes, bread, the whole 9 yards.” said Joe Burgum, Community Builder with Folkways. “We’re working with a number of different food trucks to try to organize a schedule for when they will be out here Monday through Friday,”

To make your Saturday experience more vibrant, the Red River Market is accepting plant donations.

You can drop those off at 409 Broadway, where the market takes place.

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