Roberts Commons “RoCo” Parking Ramp Opens in Downtown Fargo

Roberts Commons Parking Garage is now open on the corner of Roberts Street and 2nd avenue North and people are excited

FARGO, ND — With new restaurants and stores popping up in downtown Fargo, more people are heading out on the town.

A convenient new spot is now open to help make those trips much smoother.

Downtown Fargo is booming with locals and guests.

The hustle and bustle is great for the town, but hard for parking.

To solve that problem, Roberts Commons Parking Garage is now open on the corner of Roberts Street and 2nd Avenue North and people are excited.

“It’s a miracle!” said Margie Bailly, a member of the Parking Commission and long-time community member. “I’m calling it the “Miracle on Roberts Street” I think because truly Santa Clause is alive and he’s given us a parking ramp!”

More people are migrating downtown and this new structure is the first step in expanding the area.

“Do you know that Fargo is one of the top 10 downtown’s in the United States?” asked Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

“It’s going be great for all of our already existing businesses that are in downtown Fargo because now, they have nice easy parking right next to them,” said Mike Allmendinger, who is president of the Kilbourne Group. 

A public-private ownership between the city of Fargo and the Kilbourne Group has created this big opportunity.

More parking, is stage one.

The parking garage is just the beginning.

About 10 new businesses will be built around the perimeter of the garage.

The Kilbourne Group is in charge of stage two and the construction has already begun.

Seventy-six new apartments, multiple restaurants and businesses are expected to be up and running by spring of 2018.

“It’s responding to complaints and it’s responding to reality,” said Bailly.

The goal of this project is to embrace the true meaning of downtown in a collective effort to form a walk-able community.

“I think the other thing you’re going to see down here under Roberts Alley is a variety of things are going to happen and our streets are going to become more alive,” said Mayor Mahoney.

Downtown Fargo is looking into a bright future.

The garage has about 50 spots open for hourly parking and about 400 for monthly parking.

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