Tenney’s Wheaton-Dumont Co-Op Elevator Hit Hard by Storms

a line of intense thunderstorms rumbled across much of the Red River Valley

TENNEY, Minn. — A line of intense thunderstorms rumbled across much of the region last night.

One of the more intense storms struck Wilkin County, where a grain elevator was heavily damaged.

People are still cleaning up after Tuesday’s storms.

One of the hardest-hit areas was the small town of Tenney in Wilkin County.

“We received a call from a complainant of lots of damage that was done to the Tenney elevator, the Wheaton-Dumont Co-Op Elevator,” said Wilkin County Sheriff Rick Fiedler.

The storm approached from the southwest across open farmland and smashed into these structures with winds of possibly over 90 miles an hour.

The damage inflicted by the storm was extensive, but it could have been much worse.

“We have damage to both ends of the facilities,” said Philip Deal, GM of the Wheaton-Dumont Co-Op Elevator. “Last night, it looked as if it was a total loss. Today, things look a little better.”

The elevator will be rebuilt.

But, more importantly no one was hurt.

“I mean, you got to keep it in proper perspective,” said Deal. “Nobody was hurt, we didn’t have any staff on site, that’s the main thing, and this is just stuff. It’ll be a challenge, but we’ll clean it up, and we’ll rebuild and we’ll move on.”

The damage caused by the storms serves as a reminder of what to do when severe weather approaches.

“When we get the warnings, they should be taken seriously,” said Sheriff Fiedler. “When they say to go downstairs and take cover, that’s what should happen.”

The storm also damaged several rail cars and two propane tanks that forced the evacuation of the immediate area.

People living nearby were allowed back into their homes early this morning.

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