Inside Sanford’s New $500 Million Medical Center

The New Sanford Medical Center is giving visitors a chance to see the building and areas they may never see again

FARGO, ND — The New Sanford Medical Center is giving visitors a chance to see the building and areas they may never see again.

The new $500 million facility is opening on July 25th, which is just around the corner but for the first time, visitors are getting a tour of the building.

“I think one of the most impressive things that I saw was the view up on the 10th floor looking out in the birthing center,” Marlis Ziegler said. “Absolutely beautiful.”

The new hospital is offering an extensive amount of specialists for different medical needs with brand new state-of-the-art technology.

Starting at the top on the 10th floor, people will visit the centers dedicated to different patient needs.

“They’ll get to see the family birth center, the children’s hospital, some patient rooms and our emergency department,” said Jennifer Kresap, who is the executive director of marketing at Sanford.

One area in particular that impressed visitors is the entire pediatric unit that includes Cully’s Kids Cabin.

The play area was made possible by a $1 million donation from Matt Cullen, a three-time Stanley Cup champion and his wife, Bridget.

“All the toys and all the things that the kids can do and if they can’t come out, they have interactive TVs so they can do things in their rooms,” Marlis said.

There is new technology in each of the 27 operating and procedure rooms and visitors will have a chance to see rooms they may never see again.

“They’re going to get to walk through the operating room, which they’ll never get a chance to do again,” Kresap said. “After this day, we’ll start closing them up, sterilizing and getting them ready for opening.”

Visitors were not only impressed with the technology, but with the comfort Sanford is providing for patients and their families.

“I love the welcoming feeling you get,” Jeremiah Hinkemeyer said. “Especially the colors and the artwork and the big windows. It’s just very warm. We’ve enjoyed that experience.”

Sanford has created a more nurturing and comfortable experience for patients and families who need medical attention.

Throughout the next month, the hospital will be preparing patients and staff from other locations to get them ready to move over to the new building.

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