Kristi Engelstad Benefit: Lending a Hand to a First Responder

Friends and family teamed up with Lend A Hand to raise money for her medical costs

FARGO, ND — She’s been a paramedic for years and has taught thousands of classes for the community.

Kristi Engelstad with F-M Ambulance is battling a rare form of ovarian cancer.

Friends and family teamed up with Lend-A-Hand to raise money for her medical costs.

Lend-A-Hand, an organization with the Dakota Medical Foundation, will match up to $5,000 of the proceeds.

The benefit featured big ticket auction items including a Sanford helicopter tour and signed Carson Wentz footballs.

Engelstad was diagnosed back in February.

“I totally didn’t expect that,” she said. “I was completely healthy before I went to the ER that night. I really went in just thinking it was some kidney stones and I could get some meds and go home, not realizing that this would mushroom into a huge life changing event.”

“She’s led a lot of benefits for others so it’s our turn as a community to, I think, to rescue her,” said Jeana Peinovich, who is director of Lend-A-Hand.

Lend-A-Hand is accepting donations online.

If you’d like to help Kristi and her family you can click here.

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