Rehab 4 Life, MPX Fitness Helping Parkinson’s Patients Live Active Lives

MPX Fitness and Rehab 4 Life Have Teamed Up To Offer a Rock Steady Boxing Class

FARGO, ND — Many people may think of boxing as a combative sport but some people look to it for therapy.

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about a year and a half ago and almost from the first day I was diagnosed, my doctor, the physical therapist that I went to, my daughter, who was a physical therapist, everyone was saying exercise,” said Parkinson’s patient, Kevin Davidson. “Do things to keep moving. Don’t stop moving.”

Rehab 4 Life and MPX Fitness teamed up to teach boxing classes for Parkinson’s patients to offer an alternative therapy that keeps them moving,

“A lot of research out there is showing that the high intensity forced exercise has been shown to stop the progression or really slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease,” said Kari Torgerson, who is a Physical Therapist with Rehab 4 Life.

Boxing helps patients with balance, agility and muscle toning.

Mariah Prussia, who teaches the classes, said she’s seen improvements in her students.

During the first class, she talked about one man who couldn’t lift up his feet to march during the first class.

“Probably six classes in,” she said, “All of a sudden, he’s lifting his feet up high and moving quick. “My jaw dropped because I was really impressed by how fast he progressed.”

Along with therapy, boxing is creating a support system for those with the disease.

“I love coming here because there’s Chuck, there’s Jim, there’s Carl, there’s Murray,” said Davidson. “We know each other by first names, we’ve got nicknames because we’re boxers and stuff like that so we’re kind of developing our own little click or camaraderie group.”

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, boxing therapy will be sure to make you work up a sweat.

If you’re interested in Rock Steady Boxing, more information can be found here.

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