Prairie Roots “Soft Opening” Welcomes Hundreds of Customers

The first food co-op in Fargo is officially open for business

FARGO, ND — Owners said the future is bright for Prairie Roots, Fargo’s first food co-op.

It’s been about five years in the making.

“We’re just really happy to open the doors and show people this space and support local producers,” said Kurt Kopperud, general manager of the store.

Staff call it a soft opening, but hundreds poured in for a new taste of Fargo grocery shopping.

“Great turnout,” said David Abbott, owner 43. “Even more than I expected for the first day.”

“It’s just not a hipster movement,” added Noreen Thomas, a producer for the store, operating out of Doubting Thomas Farms in north Moorhead.

Fargo’s first co-op is different from the rest of the Metro’s grocery stores.

More than 1,650 people are owners, investing money into the business.

This and product sales keep the lights on and keeps the food options healthy.

“We’re less corporate,” said Prairie Roots Marketing Coordinator Jodi Regan. “We’re owned by our members. So that kind of differentiates us from a corporation like Whole Foods.”

“It feels like we’re much more urban now,” said Abbott. “I don’t have to stop at The Wedge in Minneapolis so often or maybe even Trader Joe’s down there. We can do it all here now.”

The store specializes in fresh dine-in options and selling mostly organic foods.

“Hot food bar, which is coming soon,” explained Regan. “Our salad bar, our grab and go, our bulk department… We have all the things that you would find at a grocery store. The only difference is that we put a high priority on local food.”

Since many items are not in season here in the great white north, the store is still working on expanding their local options.

But some of the Valley’s producers are already putting their products on the shelves.

“One of our products is the rolled grain whole oats,” said Thomas. “It’s great that we eat something that our grandfathers actually grew and made. To be a member of your own store… It’s a great feeling.”

It’s a new option for the people of Downtown Fargo and shoppers looking for a local healthy alternative.

Prairie Roots staff plan on having a grand opening sometime this August.

For more information on their upcoming events, click here.

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