Minneapolis Woman Wants Police Officer Charged After the Shooting of Her Dogs

After the homeowner's daughter accidentally tripped the home burglary alarm, an officer responded nearly 30 minutes later and the shooting took place. KMSP Fox 9 reporter Iris Perez reports from Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — A Minneapolis woman is seeking charges against a police officer after her two dogs were shot in her own backyard.

“He doesn’t want to go in the backyard to use the bathroom,” said Jennifer Lemay as she talked about her dog who was shot by a Minneapolis police officer.

From inside a bloodied safety cone, with his mouth taped shut, Ciroc’s eyes reveal his pain.

“His jaw is fractured at the joint part,” explained Lemay.

Ciroc and his brother, Roco, are Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Both were service dogs to Lemay’s children.

“Since she [Lemay’s daughter] started having seizures, since we had Roco, he instantly picked up on it,” said Lemay. “He’d come to the side of our bed at two, three, four in the morning.”

The beloved dogs were disabled Saturday night at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

After Jennifer’s eldest daughter accidentally tripped the home security alarm.

“For some reason, the alarm did not disarm. She called me at 8:50. I was on the phone with Xfinity Home Monitoring by 8:54,” said Lemay. “The alarm was deactivated.”

Nearly half an hour after the alarm was canceled, surveillance video captured the officer inside Lemay’s backyard.

In the video above, watch as Ciroc approaches, wags his tail, eager, but keeping his distance.

He even faces away before the officer opens fire.

“She [Lemay’s daughter] overheard the officer from the back like, ‘well, I know one of ’em’s alive’,” said Lemay.

Roco was shot in both shoulders, neck and chest.

Then, within seconds, the officer appears to pick up the scene, turns his back to the yard and jumps the fence.

“Your justification for coming in my backyard was…you seen my back door open,” said Lemay. “Where?”

In a statement to Fox 9, Minneapolis police say they’re reviewing the officer’s body camera video, along with Lemay’s footage.

The officer involved remains on duty.

“This is animal cruelty,” said Lemay.

Ciroc and Roco are both expected to recover.

“They might come back physically, but, will we ever know if they come back mentally?” asked Lemay. “Emotionally?”

There’s no way to calibrate the lasting damage the officer’s actions will have on this family.

“You were in fear for your life, right?” questioned Lemay. “That’s why you discharged your firearm. Let me guess, my dogs had guns on them?”


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